The Speedwoofer 10S does exactly what we hope a sub of its size and price can do, and we’ve never heard a complaint about its sound. The tuning modes complicated our listening tests, as I had to choose one mode that I thought would best suit each listener’s taste. An 8 inch subwoofer is something we rarely buy, because it is considered something you buy for audio speaker purposes and since it is a little small for use in your car or home; it might not be the number one option on your to … The AVR-S540BT is built to be a main unit for a powerful home theater; at 5.2 surround sound, this receiver is built to push two subwoofers… If this is important for you and your home theater, seek out specific wireless subwoofers like the MartinLogan Dynamo. It’s the plainest of plain black boxes, its 15-by-21-by-22-inch bulk offends interior designers, and its sound is powerful enough to annoy any bassphobe within 100 feet. In sealed max headroom mode, they were 118.1 dB and 106.9 dB. A subwoofer (or "sub") is a woofer, or a complete loudspeaker, which is dedicated to the reproduction of low-pitched audio frequencies known as the "bass". If you need high performance but don’t have space for a big subwoofer, the SB-1000 is a great choice. Adjusting the tuning mode on the VTF-2 MK5 involves the use of an EQ switch on the back panel and the choice of using two, one, or none of the subwoofer’s front ports. This means that the shape and size of a room, and the positions of the subwoofer and the listening chair or couch, may emphasize certain bass tones and cancel others. So if you’re considering two subs, you’ll only need one with the Dynamo. I used a crossover point (the frequency at which sounds are redirected from the speakers to the subwoofer) of 80 hertz, which is the industry standard for high-quality surround-sound systems. This subwoofer is on the higher end of the price spectrum, but really will make for the perfect home theatre. It has all the controls, data, and outputs for you to integrate this with your entire system. The digital display looks phenomenal. The stores offer a wide range of small subwoofers, but if you find it difficult to decide, then keep reading. If you want a top-notch home theatre that replicates this type of experience, your sound system needs bass. It outperformed the Rogersound Speedwoofer 10S by 1.2 dB in the midbass but fell 4.2 dB short of the Speedwoofer 10S’s average in the low bass. A subwoofer designed for high performance rather than a low price will likely sound clearer and more precise when reproducing music, and it shouldn’t distort or boom when reproducing movie soundtracks. It doesn’t shake the couch the way a larger, ported design does, but it still sounds fairly realistic (and thrilling) when you’re playing action movies. The Klipsch Reference 110SW is another excellent choice on our list of best home theater subwoofers. I matched their levels to within 0.5 decibel using a calibrated NTi Mini SPL microphone and an NTi Minilyzer ML1 audio analyzer, which has an unweighted measurement mode appropriate for accurate bass measurements. The 10” model is more than enough to shake a room, so no need to go overboard. The SA-W2500 features a 10” Mica reinforced woofer that provides really crisp lows for bass that is never distorted. First is Wirecutter senior staff writer and headphone editor Lauren Dragan, who holds a bachelor’s degree in both music performance and audio production from Ithaca College, has spent several years in terrestrial radio, currently works as a professional voice actor in Los Angeles, and has helped me with countless blind listening tests for Wirecutter and Sound & Vision. The Hsu Research VTF-2 MK5 is the subwoofer your ears may want you to buy but your eyes might rather you didn’t. You can adjust many aspects of the subwoofer to for your specific audio needs. (For Ron, I did try a couple of different modes.) CEA-2010 is to subwoofers what a grip test is to fitness buffs—a precise strength evaluation in which there’s no way to cheat. The sound quality is crisp, and it offers a lot of power too. It has built-in preamp controls and mic inputs for karaoke or DJ or live applications. Is the Google Home the Voice-Controlled Speaker for You? The BIC America F12 is a fantastic product. It is loud and powerful, but is also adaptable. If you’re looking for a great value, check out the Polk Audio PSW505 or any other reputable product. It would be great for a small, high-quality audiophile music system. Yet, the prices of home subwoofers aren’t too varied. ELAC SUB3010: This compact, relatively affordable sub includes a very effective and easy-to-use room EQ system. Since then, I’ve probably reviewed more home audio subwoofers than anyone in the world, for magazines including Sound & Vision and Home Theater as well as for websites such as Home Theater Review, SoundStage, and Lifewire. REL HT/1205: We had hoped to get a sample of the HT/1205, one of REL’s new line of home theater subwoofers, but the company declined, saying that it always has someone set up subwoofers in the reviewer’s home and that it couldn’t spare anyone to make the trip to Los Angeles. It provides full, deep bass and will give a home theatre the IMAX experience. Here I have to add a disclosure: When I was working as a consultant prior to my employment at Wirecutter, Rogersound Labs paid me to measure the CEA-2010 output of some prototype subs it was developing at the time. When searching for a subwoofer for your home, you should consider the following: Power (Or Watts): You need to determine how much power you will need for your audio system. However, it costs more than the Rogersound sub and doesn’t deliver as much of the really low bass. In ported max output mode, it averaged 120.8 dB from 40 to 63 Hz and 114.4 dB from 20 to 31.5 Hz. Definitive Technology SuperCube 2000: The ultra-compact SuperCube 2000, measuring less than 11 inches on all sides, sounded pretty good in our tests, but it fell well short of the slightly larger SVS SB-1000 in its deep-bass output. And after the initial setup, synching requires just the click of a button. The SB-1000 has line- and speaker-level inputs and line-level outputs. SVS PB-1000: This sub offered impressive measured low-frequency output for a model of its price, but our panelists thought it didn’t sound as clear and defined as our top picks. I have conducted at least eight multiple-listener subwoofer comparison tests to date, so my statements are guided by the opinions of many listeners, not just my own. Apple HomePod Review: It Only Sounds Great. For the listening tests, I used several of the toughest bass test tracks I know of, including Holly Cole’s “Train Song,” Olive’s “Falling,” Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown,” and the recording of Camille Saint-Saëns’s Symphony No. The Speedwoofer 10S is available only through the Rogersound Labs website, so you can’t go to a different dealer if it sells out, and you’re 100 percent reliant on Rogersound for support. Klipsch SPL-120: Two of our panelists praised the SLP-120's clear, well-defined bass tones, but it’s generally pricier than our picks. Fast & Free shipping on many items! This sub delivers tight, deep bass for music or movies. We’ve added notes about the Dayton Audio DSP-LF subwoofer processor to the Competition section. REL T/5i: Ditto for this audiophile-oriented subwoofer, which has an unusual input panel that allows mixing of speaker-level and line-level signals. Best Floor Standing Tower Speaker Reviews for 2020. Klipsch’s The One II Bluetooth speaker is a great way to get full, satisfying sound in the home with no need for complicated setup or special apps. We have compiled the top list of the best 8 Inch home subwoofers … I’ve been reviewing subwoofers since 1991, when only a few were available. It’s an easy to setup sub that will connect to nearly any audio system. The role of a subwoofer is to provide powerful, deep bass that complements other aspects of the sound system. Take into account the size dimensions of the subwoofer before buying it. Clicking on one of our “Buy” or other links allows us to earn small fees to keep us writing.. See our Affiliate Disclosure for more info. This sub will allow you to experience music and movies in a completely new way. Clicking on one of our “Buy” or other links allows us to earn small fees to keep us writing, Login to add posts to your read later list, Front-Firing 12″ Subwoofer with High-End BASH amp, 1000 Watts Peak Output, 250 Watts Continuous, Height: 17 ¼”, Width: 14 ¾”, * Depth: 19 ½ “. Patented “Venturi” vent which eliminates port noise, Adjustable volume control, adjustable crossover, automatic signal sensing, 12-inch injection molded long throw woofer, Backed by 5 year parts and labor warranty, Width: 11-7/8” x Height: 13-3/4″ x Length: 16-3/8″, 1 year warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee. It’s a good for music lovers, especially pop or hip-hop music as it provides that deep bass with a kick. This subwoofer combines good performance with a more attractive design than you can get from many subwoofers at this price. The Rogersound Labs Speedwoofer 10S 10-inch subwoofer is a refreshing surprise for those who think subwoofers are nothing but big, ugly boom machines. Looking for a great value on your new subwoofer? The Google Home wireless speaker (powered by Google Assistant, a cousin to Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa) offers decent sound and promising smart-home control for Google users. Regular TV’s don’t offer the same viewing experience as a movie theatre can. Not only is the wireless aspect of the MartinLogan Dynamo convenient, but it offers a sleek look. The F12 is great for a home theater. Although none of them raved about the sound in comparison with that of the larger, ported models we tested, none of them disliked the SB-1000’s sound, and they thought that, for music, the added punch of its sealed design was pleasing. The best amps for subs are typically sold in a combo package. It’s a high performing subwoofer that provides authentic, clear bass for any listening experience. Dayton Audio APA150 150-Watts - Best Power Amplifier. It’s reasonably compact at 16⅝ by 15⅛ by 16⅛ inches (HWD), and its radiused edges and corner-cut grille give it more style than most other subs can muster. Dayton Audio DSP-LF: This surprisingly inexpensive processor, when used with the $4.99 iWoofer Pro iOS app, adds automatic room equalization to any subwoofer. I had help on this guide from three other listeners. It’s not just because of the size of the screen and image quality, but because of that deep rumbling surround sound and bass. To put it more simply, the Speedwoofer 10S is just a lot more fun to listen to. The Vizio Elevate sounds great and is full featured, making it the best choice for anyone who wants an advanced, high-performance soundbar system. (When you use a subwoofer with an 80 Hz crossover, the subwoofer reproduces the fundamental tones of only the lowest 12 notes of a standard upright or electric bass; higher notes on the bass come primarily from the main speakers.) Take some time to evaluate which of these factors is most important to you. Passive Subwoofers – These are powered by an external amplifier in much the same way as the other speakers in your sound system. If you’re looking for a subwoofer to add oomph to your home theater speakers, this Yamaha design may be just right. Its elegant Lunar Grey chassis may bear a passing resemblance to its predecessor, the CXA80, but like a thanksgiving turkey, the CX81 is stuffed with fresh internals. Due to its accurate and deep bass response, the … This is because it takes more space to create these deep sounds. It’s also the only subwoofer we tested that looks as if it was designed by someone who cares about aesthetics. And if it doesn’t you have an 8 year warranty included with the purchase. It’s designed to match the look of the Polk Signature Series speakers that we picked in our guide to the best surround-sound speakers for most people. The more discerning movie or music fan will appreciate the inclusion of tuning modes that optimize this subwoofer’s sound to taste. In fact, if you already have a home theatre or audio system set up, you will instantly notice the difference of an added subwoofer. In this room, I’ve run countless tests and measurements, had dozens of manufacturers set up their subwoofers, and at one point even had a scientist from Harman International come over to run tests using as many as four separate subwoofers. Today’s receivers are made with lots of advanced technology and cool features that offer the best value than ever before. It is small in size, it features a stylish and modern look, and it fits most types of speakers. To save you the effort, we’ve rounded up the best stereo amplifiers that are worth your money. Stylish design and great sound make the Polk Signature Series S15, S10, and S35 combo our pick for the best surround-sound system. KEF Kube 10b: This sleek subwoofer looks nice but is a little expensive for the output it offers. Polk’s PSW111 is a compact subwoofer with an eight-inch woofer, and it’s a great choice for adding some punch to an audio system based around bookshelf speakers. $1,499.00 KLIPSCH SPL-150 15" Subwoofer Prepare to shake the floors of your entire neighborhood. For home theater enthusiasts and audiophiles, the Hsu Research VTF-2 MK5 12-inch subwoofer is the stuff of dreams. Especially since it does not having wires snaking around corners. Monoprice Monolith M10-S: One panelist ranked this sub first for its precise midbass tones, but the others said its lower tones weren’t well defined and that it didn’t blend well with the rest of the speakers. Buying a subwoofer can be hard for someone who does not have a firm grasp of acoustics and electronics. Denon AVR-S540BT. This page on my website provides a more extensive list of my audio credentials. The Speedwoofer 10S offers line-level RCA stereo inputs and outputs, which make it compatible with receivers that have a line-level subwoofer output (included on all surround-sound AV receivers and some stereo receivers) as well as with stereo systems having a separate amp and preamp. (There’s also a Q control, which basically adjusts between boomy and tight sound, but it’s not as effective as the port/EQ adjustments.) Once equalized through SVS’s Bluetooth-connected iOS/Android control app, the SB-2000 Pro gave us some of the most precise and natural-sounding bass we’ve ever heard, with no low notes booming or distorting. Roku TV Wireless Speakers Review: Should You Buy Them? The VTF-2 MK5 offers line-level RCA stereo inputs and speaker-cable inputs, so it can work with any surround-sound receiver and with any stereo receiver or preamp. Best Home Theater Amplifiers 2020. Still, in the world of high-quality audio gear, things can get quite expensive, and I mean very expensive. The HTS 10, in contrast, not only looks better when new but is more likely to keep its looks over time. Consider the SVS SB-1000 the opposite of the Hsu Research VTF-2 MK5: It’s the subwoofer you buy when you’re trying to find one small and sleek enough that it disappears into your decor, but still powerful enough to deliver satisfying performance. Improvements include a new DAC and new filters, which can be switched between when you're using the amp's digital inputs, plus new components in the power amp and phono stages. This subwoofer comes with 5-year parts and labor warranty with an amplifier warranty of 3 years (parts and labor), one of the best warranties on our list. Although we think the stock black-ash finish looks good (especially for a device you’re probably going to hide), the SB-1000 is also available in gloss black or gloss white for a $100 premium. Before you select the best home subwoofer amplifier, it is first necessary to choose between these two options. The MartinLogan Dynamo is Household Audio’s Best Wireless Home Subwoofer. Size: Subwoofers can take up a bit of space, but they’re usually small enough to be placed in a convenient spot. The Dayton Audio SUB-1200 is the best way we’ve found to add awesome (and affordable) bass to a stereo or home-theater system. Apple’s HomePod sounds excellent, but its Apple-centric design can feel limited next to other smart speakers. Although the two models are comparable in sound quality, the SUB-1200, like most ultra-low-cost subwoofers we’ve tested, is covered in extremely thin black vinyl that nicks easily and tends to peel at the edges, revealing the MDF below. Surprisingly for a model of its size, the SB-1000 packs a 12-inch driver and a 300-watt amp. When you’re ready to step up from a budget subwoofer, we recommend the Rogersound Labs Speedwoofer 10S. HOME STEREO RECEIVER: The Audioronics AR512BT 1500W Integrated Amplifier puts out a considerable amount of power. Despite being half the price of the most expensive model we tested, the Speedwoofer 10S delivered a clear, precise, full sound that made it the favorite in our blind listening tests, and it has more deep-bass output than the best budget (and some not-so-budget) subwoofers we've tried. 3 “Organ” from the Boston Audio Society Test CD-1, which has notes that drop to 16 Hz. Plus, the HTS 10 is available through more retailers than the Speedwoofer 10S, if that matters to you. This allows us to provide our viewers with free content by adding our affiliate links in the “Price Comparison” sections along with other links in our articles and product pages. And finally, saxophonist Ron Cyger just released his first album, Live at the Myrtle Tree Cafe, and is also a headphone enthusiast. Consider combining your subwoofer with one of Household Audio’s Best A/V Receivers, Best Tower Speakers and Best Bookshelf Speakers! When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The chart below shows the CEA-2010 results for our top picks and a few other subs we tested (including the Dayton Audio SUB-1200, the top pick from our best budget subwoofer guide). Check out the dimensions below. The PSW505 offers an accurate approach to sound that is perfect for music. Here are brief notes about the other subwoofers and subwoofer-related products we tested. KEF T2: A flattish design makes this sub easy to hide, but it’s pricey and its output is relatively low. This subwoofer makes music sound terrific and will enhance any movie-watching experience. You can choose a sealed mode that delivers a tight, punchy sound for music; a ported mode that delivers maximum deep-bass output for extra couch shaking during action movies; or one of several modes in between. Venting and baffle that lessens noise distortion, Low pass crossover which allows for blending with speakers. It is a great mid- to high-end subwoofer, especially if you plan on using this subwoofer in a home theatre system. Read More: Best 10in Home Subwoofers, Best 12in Home Subwoofers. It produces deep bass without skipping a beat. Rockford Fosgate R1S4-10 Amp. 3. Clicking on one of our “Buy” or other links allows us to earn small fees to keep us writing. MartinLogan Dynamo 600X: Like the ELAC SUB3010, the Dynamo 600X incorporates a room EQ system, but we found this one much more difficult to use, and we couldn’t get it to work with Android or iOS devices. A subwoofer is a speaker dedicated purely to reproducing bass—the deep, couch-shaking tones of kick drums, bass guitars, and synthesizers, as well as explosions and crashes in movies and TV shows. The sub is wonderfully designed with quality parts, from the amplifier to the drivers. In our tests, the average for the midbass (40 to 63 Hz) was 114.6 dB, and for the low bass (20 to 31.5 Hz) it was 102.5 dB—these are okay numbers considering the HTS 10’s price and size, but they’re not impressive results. Look no further – the Polk Audio PSW505 is Household Audio’s Best Value Subwoofer. Q Acoustics Q B12: The Q B12 sounds good, but it can’t match the low-frequency output of the smaller, less costly Rogersound Speedwoofer 10S. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to test every single model that met our criteria, but we did at least get a sample or two from almost all of the leading manufacturers. However, what really matters is the selection of a reputable brand, and Pyle is definitely one of them. If you're looking for a home theater subwoofer with tons of power, check out the Definitive Technology Prosub 1000. Also, room placement is critical for this sub to optimize the sound quality. The Speedwoofer 10S puts out about the same amount of midbass as the SUB-1200, but when you get into the really low, couch-shaking deep-bass frequencies, the Speedwoofer 10S practically tosses the SUB-1200 out of the room, delivering a whopping 10 dB more output (which is double the perceived volume) at 20 Hz. Last Amazon price update was: March 27, 2019 10:07 pm, Last Amazon price update was: March 27, 2019 10:08 pm, Last Amazon price update was: March 27, 2019 10:11 pm, Last Amazon price update was: March 27, 2019 10:12 pm, Last Amazon price update was: March 27, 2019 10:13 pm, Last Amazon price update was: September 4, 2020 1:24 pm. For Ron Cyger’s test, I added “Findango,” a tune from his album in which most of the bass playing is in the upright bass’s lowest range. The PM6007 boasts trademark Marantz styling and is a solidly built, nicely-finished integrated amplifier with traditional hi-fi appeal. Dec. 23, 2020 1:15 p.m. PT. Now that I’ve joined Wirecutter’s staff, I no longer do consulting work, but to avoid any potential conflict of interest, we relied on the opinions of our other three listeners and on the objectivity of the CEA-2010 measurements when making our picks for this guide. When played through the subwoofers and viewed on an audio spectrum analyzer, these tones show how loudly and clearly a subwoofer can play at several different frequencies in the bass range. Setting this up merely requires connecting the LFE (or subwoofer output) jack on the receiver/amplifier to the 'Line In' or 'LFE In' jack on the subwoofer. It also will produce the same quality sound over the years. Lauren and Ron both ranked the HTS 10 highly, but they described it differently. Thus, it can connect to any receiver or preamp with a subwoofer output or a spare line output, and it can also connect directly to speakers or an amp in systems that have no subwoofer or line outputs. Clicking on one of our “Buy” or other links allows us to earn small fees to keep us writing. Dayton Audio's versatile APA150 power amplifier carries 75 watts and apiece channel in full-range stereo formation, or provides 150 watts into 8 ohms in a bridge-mono manner. This measurement uses test tones that simulate the bass content of music and movies. Considering it’s a 12″ subwoofer, the F12 is on the larger side. This subwoofer uses one of … Last updated on October 13th, 2020 at 08:29 pm. Front-firing slot port with exclusive internal flare technology. Note that subwoofers are far more affected by room acoustics than other speakers are. The Speedwoofer 10S offers an ideal blend of bass power and finesse, in a compact and affordable package. Ty Pendlebury. Some people might want built-in equalization, a remote control, or different modes for music, movies, and the like, but we don’t think those features are must-haves or, in the case of the Speedwoofer 10S, even needed. I also used bass-heavy action-movie soundtracks—most notably, the opening scene of Star Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Clones, in which a spaceship flies overhead and then explodes.