However, there is a difference between a mere fear and a phobia. Just now I opened the cupboard to get a mug and saw a roach (or maybe 2) crawling away. Cockroaches don’t have many fans. Just moved to Louisiana and I’m from Michigan. It looked like a small black little figure. It doesn’t the individuals that are or have been closest to you. I even hate the word. My 10 yr old son is afraid of cockroaches. I looked at him and almost shivered, just looking at that innocent smile. I study them often for common knowledge, identification and even for character design. It’s not like I can control it anyway. KILL IT KILL IT BEFORE IT LAYS EGGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At first you can clearly see the hives form a trail of the creature’s path then the swelling around the hives gets so bad that you can’t see it anymore. I have over sprayed, over moteled, over boric acided, cleaned everything with rubbing alcohol (my secret for spot killing fleas after bringing the dogs in – they hate it), but I am afraid to go back into the kitchen (for a week now). Being afraid of these walking disease piles is just self preservation and logic. Europeans, the article implied, are able to take them in stride. I think it's okay to be afraid of roaches because they carry diseases and if they don't find food ,they start chewing on your stuff. I constantly look at corners of the room and under things because a cockroach might be there. However, this last time, instead of going away, the roach came right to the door like a human would to see who was there and it freaked me out, although I was too asleep to make a noise or really react immediately. Welp I heard a bag move and ran again. Nor did it help to watch that movie “Creep Show” where the scientist gets taken over by them. I hope it died somewhere out of my room though, because I am not looking forward to finding it when I have to move out. Once one fell on my head while I was sleeping. I couldnt go back inside until my husband killed it. Forum Posts. It doesn’t help that some can fly. See a be, wasp or hornet, I instantly smack it dead, no problem. The difference lies in who and where you learn your phobia from. I don’t like other bugs – but because I THINK they are roaches. I was 9, but I starved it to death while it was in a box and then I threw it out the window for the birds to eat, but the thing is I wasn’t really scared of cockroaches since I lived with a whole colony for 2 years. Once, my friends got a fake cockroach that looked very real and said “Hey! Suddenly, I felt something bite, or sting the hell out of me! 13 years ago. Why I'm Afraid of Cockroaches. I can pinpoint the exact moments in my life that turns to me, a blue collar 19 year old graduate and musician, into a screaming baby whenever I see ANY of the little expletives in my house… But they give me nightmares, I hate them much. In this case, therapy is another valid option. Reporter Foti Kallergis says he is afraid of roaches, so it's fitting we found him this morning at the bug house at the Houston Zoo. So naturally I screamed and threw the dock, and the roach crawled behind the tv. I am totally unable to sleep, every time I see a ‘Thing’ I am totally frozen, unable to breathe (or hyperventilate) and I panic, whenever I hear there name I cry and hyperventilate, just watch some cartoons or things you like (e.g music, TV shows etc), I also live in Sydney. I was in std 9.. while lecture was going on.. very much silent in the class.. and suddenly on my hand I saw a cockroach! Here’s the story of when I saw a huge big black one in my sisters room. There’s a big fat Roach under my bed right now and a smaller one ON my bed I’m terrified can’t sleep. I almost threw up. I’m not crazy or anything but I just can’t stand it. We talk with the comedian and actress about the commonly detested insect. I honestly don’t know if I can get over my fear. I got an email saying when he opened it 20 roaches spilled out, they killed most but some escaped! For those who may even think the hives are psychosomatic, not true. I hate them so much and like yesterday night one climbed my room door and i saw it and it took so much for me to run and get a broom. I don’t even pass under trees in Texas anymore because I know that is their home. Even if i saw one and i killed it i still feel there are more coming, so i can’t sleep for the rest of the day. So yeah, really, this can be brought down to a very manageable level, where you can be in control and not humiliate yourself publicly, heck I just picked one up tonight. I told my mum but she was half asleep since it was 1:00 in the morning so I ended up paralyzed with fear in front of my bed shivering, crying and my heart was racing. Yep I can. Not panicking about roaches but they’re just disgusting in my opinion. Now I am too scared to sleep and have nowhere to go. And I can’t get too close to them because I’m terrified and have a panic attack. There are only two insects I cannot STAND and it’s the American cockroach (those big flying ones) and the house centipede (though strangely enough, I find it’s cousin the Giant Centipede and all millipedes) to look quite cool. It ended with a shot of him dead on the ground, and cockroaches crawling out of his head. Shaky breath, trembling, cold sweats, the whole nine-yards. I can relate which is why I just run for the hills. Even then, I had nightmares for weeks that there were more of them. I woke up with one on my chest once that I brushed off and then couldn’t find it. Even now thinking about it gives me that same feeling of smoothing creases and get rid of itches. Vote A. Went down the hall to my grandmother, and she refused to kill it… I’ll be sitting here until I die…. Then, I’ll almost break my neck looking all around. Most of the time, I will get my husband to kill these things should the occasional one sneak in. Self-help groups can provide you with a supporting and encouraging environment. Jeeeez, you would think they could figure this out. So she left and got roach spray. Our ancestors have learned to fear the unknown, as this was a potential danger to their life. It’s the same with me. I had to scoop food out of one side while cringing at the other side at the roach. It stumbled over near some drying dishes and died, being disgusting and nasty the entire time. If I know there’s a roach lurking somewhere in my bedroom I cannot be in there, let alone sleep. I can’t cook, much less eat inside my apartment. I do remember always having a disgust towards some insects. But if my mom is asleep i throw dirty clothes at it because im scared of spraying insecticide to it because it will fly around and make me so nervous. Im a retired Police Detective and an avid trainer in numerous fighting skills. I have tried several times to hit it but my fear strikes and I can’t. There are ways to get over your cockroach phobia. First month was fine until I was using the restroom and I looked down to see a huge roach dead on the floor, this was my first time seeing anything that horrifyingly big. People also have different brain chemistry, which can be unique to an individual, much like we have different personality traits. Roaches are to Florida like fish are to the ocean. Texas and the Texas Terrorist. I am afraid to be in the house. At the least, it may help mitigate phobic symptoms. If anyone has any suggestions, please help. Hang in there everyone. I’m a 24 male and I’m scared to death by roaches (or any insect that’s able to fly or move fast in an unpredictable manner, like camel crickets). Good to know we are not alone, because people think I am nuts. I am a grown man and I am absolutely terrified of cockroaches. They cannot survive that. Like ghosts, there are many whispered rumors about their existence and the meaning behind…, Cockroaches are already considered gross, invasive pests. To avoid detection, they plant themselves wherever they can for safety, preferring to come out at night under cover of darkness to protect themselves.…, When you have cockroaches, it feels like nothing in the home is safe. In case of facing with those cockroaches that can fly I might react unbelievably crazy meaning that the whole of my body specially my knees start to shake and my heart will be about throwing out of my body and I scream and escape from the spot and I won’t go back again, and most importantly this will have a huge damage on my nerves for several months after the incident. Roaches take away! Where they come from is disgusting and what they eat is even more disgusting. I honestly almost threw up and passed out. and I think I have made a mistake. Small ones, big ones, I just hate them all. It obviously flew into the wall out of the blue. I LOVE praying mantises and those big cute looking scorpions. In fact, this is the reason I’m awoken right now reading this article, I’m in my grandparent’s house and woke up to no less than 3 cockroaches in the same room as I and, while I managed to get rid of 2 of them, the third one found quite the spot to hide. But. Yes I hate cleaning but I hate roaches and love sleeping. My kik is ilovechris41016 please message me. After I screamed I swiped away whatever was on my arm and I crawled against the foot of my bed to get distance. Something about wings and beaks and the flapping. It is terrifying. It was an actual cockroach. It was different back home though. Last year i was horrified when i went to use my jug of Home Defense and nothing came out of the long applicator. Luckily in this part of Vic. We just moved into our new apartment and my mom woke me up because she was complaining about her dead boyfriend's ashes. My parents laugh at me and tell me to get over it and that I’m overreacting and it’s so annoying that they don’t understand my phobia. They were everywhere. The flying and crawling ones never seem fun to me, I can’t even stand looking at dead ones and hearing the name makes me shutter. A form of counseling that can unpair your anxiety response from your particular fear trigger. In my head I’m like ‘I cannot tell the customer who is about to buy food here what I have just experienced.’ So I just blurt out ‘Oh nah I fell over, I’m fine!’ And they have a laugh and say all good and goodbye. If you ever build, fill your walls with boric acid . My room is a mess and now that I think about it I could have one in my room and I want to hurl. And she locked me in a bathroom FULL of the creatures and left me there as punishment. Such traits leave one more susceptible to developing a certain phobia. The phobia's scientific term is Blattodephobia. But I'm terrified of house centipedes. This may include self-help methods, virtual reality, therapy, or phone apps. Just being in the same room as one makes me break out into a sweat. They just wander in from outside or from the damp basements. After a few instances of this, I decided to knock on the bathroom door to let it know I’m coming and to go where I don’t see the insect. These are disgusting and I personally avoid hot countries. I hate hearing that it was intentionally put on a child – for life. Today after coming home from school i had to clean the bathroom (which i keep very neat and clean) and found a cockroach beside the toilet. My girlfriend lives in Florida and I’m visiting her. Helpful. Im married with 2 boys and its hard to say but my wife can deal with this better then me. I saw it and ran out to my living room and curled onto my couch. We went to stay at my grandma’s house until the bomb’s effects take it’s course. The worst part is, I walked into my bathroom a few minutes ago and when I flipped on the light it was sitting on my countertop. If I see one crawling wherever it is, I start hyperventilating and crying to the point where I have panic attacks with headaches and chest pains. However, I'm afraid of killing things. I screamed and ran away of course. Why was he walking through here? What Happens When You Squish a Cockroach? Cleanliness doesn’t matter for the big ones. Hell, I’ll even take the spindly, many legged house centipedes over the American cockroach by FAR. I told him that there was definitely one there, so as this was early in the morning, he let me sleep in his room. Using these apps can help you gradually expose yourself to cockroaches. I freaking hate summer in Hawaii. I hate bugs (especially roaches). I called my mom and she killed it and told me that i had to throw it in the toilet and she was not going to help me (to help me overcome my fear), but it took me half an hour just to pick up its dead body and flush it down the toilet and i was crying badly all the time i was doing it. Same. As I’m writing this I just tried to kill one, but it got away. • Watch cartoons (Adventure Time is advised) My greatest fear is cockroaches and I've heard they are a terrible problem for chicken owners? My mum eventually squashed it for me, and I was so scared I couldn’t go back. Then I stomped on it again to make sure. This phobia started when I was an infant, my mother used to scare me with pictures or live cockroaches if I didn’t sleep or i misbehaved and now every time I see them, big or small, i panic and will lose my mind.. seriously.. I am so terrified of the big flying roaches that I moved from NYC. The fourth encounter was the hardest encounter because I saw it in the bathroom on my way to my room and I sat there for an hour staring at the bathroom because I was too afraid to move because what if there was another one in the room. Packaged so that there were no escapees which is perfect because I’m afraid of roaches. A few minutes later it was on the ceiling in my room and it fell and what freaked me out even … Cockroaches like to crawl through any tiny hole they can find, kinda like cats, they can get through the tiniest crack in a wall. James. I always see cockroaches at school. Im 13, i feel ya bud, they scare me and all i do (can do really) is stare at them. So, I said screw it, and slept in the recliner downstairs, before sleeping in the spare bedroom. Earlier today I found two and killed them but I won’t be able to sleep tonight! Comment Report abuse. I am a 45 year old woman and I have had this phobia my whole life. I just moved into a really nice apartment on the 2nd floor. My fear in cockroaches started when I was 4 years old. What is the species you’re calling the Texas Terrorist? Even people without Katsaridaphobia will panic once the cockroach starts flying. My stomach was in knots and I started to shake. I want this roach DEAD. I was paralyzed in fear and couldn’t really breathe. I’m spraying and crying and screaming and having panic attacks. Now almost 30, i can KINDA see one in the room and just keep an eye on it and be OK, but i can’t squash it, i can’t get a cup over it, i can’t scare it away, i just keep a clear escape route between myself and my door and its fine. This is one I do not want to “overcome.” I just NEVER want to have to encounter it, no way, no how, ever, ever, did I say, no way? However, this obviously requires other people and services. They don’t die. My mom has an intense fear of cockroaches and worse for the flying ones. Id rather be in a room with a 6’5 250 prisoner then 1 big roach. And visiting my family in Sydney can become a nightmare if I spot one of those giant flying american cockroaches or the smaller, scuttling, forever breeding, lighter brown german cockroach. I do not know what should I do. It can be debilitating at times which is also stupid and sucks :/. I don’t want them crawling and spreading their filthy bacteria on me. Can anyone help me overcome its fear… My mom just gets annoyed when I scream and she isnt afraid of them but my goodness, if I see a cockroach in my bathroom, I will turn all the lights on in the House before going to bed, they seem to dislike lights. Cockroaches are known to inhabit dark and warm places which are abundant with food. Then they started showing up everywhere. That was disproven yesterday (daytime!) Those damn roaches terrify me but I want to get over my fear. I understand … Really sucks – my boy friend told me to use rubbing alcohol ( 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol) in a spray bottle – I still can’t do it by myself but when he does it works;). When I first moved to Texas, a Texas Terrorist jumped off a picture frame and across my forehead. I didn’t see the HDMI option pop up on the screen so I checked the switch dock to see if there was anything wrong. YES!!! I hope that YOU yourself have a phobia and someone puts it down YOUR shirt. For many others, phobias are downright bizarre. This can help you eventually overcome your cockroach phobia by exposure alone. This hatred/fear started only recently. Till my sisters dad had kicked me out and told me i couldn’t sleep in their room because i forgot to tell him hello earlier and that pissed me off so much so i stayed up all night in the corner crying. BUT you can… I can literally sit for hours just sitting staring at my desk. What a Coincidence! To add to that, the cockroach’s smell stuck onto that area so I had to wipe it with alcohol a couple of times. . You don’t have to actually like cockroaches, but it’s quite OK not to be absolutely terrified of them. Please help…. I stretched my arm as close as I could to the door handle and opened the door slightly and the cockroach flew towards me and into my cupboard, I screamed the house down with my sleeping 4 month old baby in my arms and ran out the room. When I saw it it gave me the chills! I have had accidents where I’ve eaten or drank them and I freak out. I ran and got my mom’s shoe and tried to kill it myself, that was a mistake for sure! 12. Unfortunately, people cannot understand what I feel and they will make fun of me. I felt it inside my mouth and I threw my cup. Why I'm Afraid of Cockroaches. Like a decade ago I rented my first apartment. I’m honestly rocking back and forth because I’m suffering with extreme paranoia right now. The dead roach carcass has been sitting in the same spot of the room because I’ve been too afraid to pick it up. I’ve been scared of cockroaches for over twelve years now. When i was under the age of 4, i would watch that TV show “alf” and one day my dad scared the crap out of me while watching it. I screamed, then my sister came in and saw me crying. Next day i was bringing laundry up stairs and i stepped on it. I was shivering after the ordeal. I have NEVER had the food roach, but evidently brought some in and now I am finding those. Soooo i hope one day 10 roaches fall down her shirt because i dont like my wonderful big sister at times. I’m Indian and can say without a doubt, I’m absolutely cripplingly terrified of them. Few things are worse than one careening towards your face as you try to smash it.…, When suddenly faced with a cockroach, your first instinct may be to step on it. This is my nightmare and I have a hard time to rest at night. And even that took me a few hours. Anyway, cant wait till the SAILBOAT!!! How you feel towards cockroaches (or anything else in general) is unconsciously taught to you by: How they react or feel about it can be translated over to you as a child. One of my friends is an exterminator, and he has never seen one in the entire time he’s been doing his job. These narrow down to 6 main viewpoints, summarized in the Journal of Clinical Psychology. This might help you build up your tolerance of this insect. I cover myself with a blanket and shout to my mom “There’s a cockroach”. I completely flipped out and I had my dad hold me off the floor and calm me down. Many times, the Katsaridaphobic individual might have had a negative or traumatic experience with cockroaches in the past. I hope you find a safe place that gives you more peace. Get my grenades (foggers), nets (roach traps), guns (two roach sprays in each hand) and irresistible candy (roach gel). I feel like I’m going to throw up and I break into a sweat every time I see one. Although a baby rattler, my ex ran like a sissy – I tossed it out in a trashcan and broom. I have even had a few nightmares about these bugs crawling all over me and not being able to get away. I washed the mug at least 5 times with a ton of Dawn and scalding hot water but still feel suspicious drinking from it. But I still was told to feed the birds. I panicked. If I see one, I freak out and make awkward screaming noises and run. Because of this, places that offer this service may be more expensive. My mom literally catches them with her bare hands and toss them out of the house. I screamed and asked my mom to kill it, she said it was my fault for eating in my room and I continued for the next hour screaming and crying. Carry a light and a flyswatter (just in case)! Hi, I'm new to BYC . They are so creepy when they fly. If I saw one in my house, I would have to leave.
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