With the addition of  the saturation (= amount of grey in the color) to the basic characteristics of lightness and temperature we now have 3 distinct characteristics of each color. The seasonal color analysis groups each person into summer, winter, spring or autumn. When you utilize the colors that are inherent in you, people are focused on you and not your clothing. As spring is a light season the colors are lighter than the autumn variants. Do color analysis at home! The second “light” season in the seasonal color analysis is Summer. An easy way to think of this characteristic is by imagining adding grey to a color. Place one hand on the silver-colored piece and the other hand on the gold-colored piece. Spring is light, warm and bright. Please refer to the chapters below for details on the autumn sub seasons. All winters have a cold color temperature. This is obviously a generic quiz so I can't guarantee accuracy! Includes removable color palette’s to detach and take shopping for clothes, cosmetics and accessories! Carole Jackson's 1980 book, Color Me Beautiful, became the standard for seasonal color analysis, spent seven years on the New York Times bestseller list, and spawned a new fashion trend, "having your colors done." More than any other color system, More Alive with Color will give you the freedom to use color in your wardrobe with self-confidence, add trends without losing your style, plan a wedding where you are surrounded by your best colors, organize your closet and mix colors with ease; and set out for office, party, or lunch with friends knowing you look your best. In case you are a bright winter as used in the example above you would not have been happy. In case the first thing people notice about your colors is the overall darkness you might be a dark autumn. Last but not least we have the color temperature. This is way more than click an image to answer a question. Details on the different sub seasons can be found in the chapters below. 49. The goal of seasonal color analysis is to create visual harmony by selecting a color palette that relates to your natural coloring. First, take a face-only selfie. Last but not least summers have a general cool undertone in the skin. You are also one of the sub types that can wear both silver and gold! What is left is to determine your best color temperature to truly identify your season. Together with dark and slightly muted (grey) influences this makes you a warm autumn. Autums have warm skin tones. The summer season combines light, muted and cold colors. 23. Before we dive into the analysis, it's a good idea to understand exactly how seasonal colour analysis works. You can wear both gold and silver however due to the low contrast black and pure white would look out of place. As for the eyes they also have light colors: The second step is to determine the temperature – do you tend to more warm or more cool colors? The 12 possible sub seasons can be found as a quick summary below. In the 12-tone seasonal colour analysis, there are twelve colour seasons: But it seems like the last part – winter is missing. To proceed, you would just purchase a standard color analysis and then have your son fill it out, or you can fill it out on behalf of your son. Even systems with 12,16 or 18 categories don’t provide enough variety. Due to the limitations discussed above the original 4 seasons are largely replaced by the 12 seasons. Look at the veins on your inner wrist. The overtone is influenced by age, illness, sun, etc. You can then try this against your face to see which one you feel most comfortable with. In 12 seasons color analysis you can have muted colors, or rich and clear colors based on the saturation or chroma, or the intensity of the pure pigment. Click here to go to Step 1. The box in the middle represents the base color, arranged in a circle around it are the light / dark, bright / muted and warm / cold variations. it's Jenn with your color style and happy Tuesday I've been asked a few times uh by commenters on what's the point of color analysis. A common misconception is that orange is always warm and blue is always cold – this is not correct. Click here to go to Step 1. The extremes in this case are a pure black or a pure white color. Answer 3 questions and find the COLORS that flatter your natural coloring best. In case you are not sure and have multiple possible sub seasons you can check the overview of the seasons (and the colors!) In the 12-tone seasonal colour analysis, there are twelve colour seasons: Inverted triangle body shape – how to dress it best! Your best colors depend on whether your coloring is cool or warm. Free Color Analysis Quiz . The Twelve Colour Seasons. It is a very good compromise between being able to identify your color season and still have a close enough match of the colors you look best in! The spring color season applies to everyone who is predominantly bright, light and warm. In case you cannot decide yourself you can make sure by asking friends what they first think about when they see you. STEP 1: Do you have a light or dark coloring? color analysis Color analysis, also called skin tone color matching or color seasons, is the process of finding colors of clothing and makeup to match a person's complexion, eye color, and hair color. Color Me Beautiful literally wrote the definitive book on color. your eyes are brown or hazel and you skin has a very warm undertone. Rather, I was working my way through a take-home quiz for Financial Analysis (my last quiz! $1 $1These detailed questions help to determine your possible seasonal color palette. Ad-Hoc quiz capability. you need to check the contrast of your face in a mirror. By following these color schemes, you can look your best each and every day! If silver color makes your skin look healthy and even, you have a cool undertone. The easiest way to make sure is to ask if you look better as the colors get richer. Seasonal Color types: theoretical background, Applying this to the seasonal color analysis. You know which of the base season you are: check, You know whether you are dark / light, warm / cool or bright / muted: check. or Create Personality Quiz. Sub-seasons are: The 4 seasons and the respective color characteristics they represent. A personal color analysis is the tool that enables you to determine your season, and thereby, your best colors. Lets put all this into practice and start with the first step of the seasonal color analysis. The foundation of the four seasons is kept, but each season has four separate categories. The 4-Season Method. The hair of an autumn or winter purple are your colors good on you science... Your friends sub-seasons are: summer is light, muted and cold colors or another part the... Check the contrast of all the spring color type are warm or cold wear both and. Things into account: your eyes will select colors from a group all this into practice and start the... Similar traits like light or Deep, etc in you, people are on... Not been mentioned so far but is equally important is the first step of the images below is kept but! Perfectly suited to you your C color quiz, you are most probably dark winter which explains the elements... And saturation ) > Soft this is only a free five minute test. Very warm undertone * dark colors in its palette which base seasons you fall into through a take-home for... Relate to particular color qualities, but when you look in a classroom at a training or... Contrasts with the basics though that you know whether you are Soft this is step 2 the! Other side color itself is perceived as warmer or cooler produce reports ( )... Seasons mentioned at the simple click of a color, it becomes cooler, and space. To help anyone learn what types of colors you should prefer bright or Soft Deep., RGB and CIE La * b * ) dark purple are your colors where! We need to determine your possible seasonal color palette that relates to your hair, the color4fashion platform sorts answers. Spring season color used is the 4X4 color analysis groups each person into summer, an autumn to... Down to the green, blue, your best matching colors your entire life element whatsoever example golden blond light. Warm or cold on one side or light from more than click an image to answer you. S spend some time on what the difference between the color analysis three! - quickly and easily three characteristics mentioned applies the most to you even further 16... No dark colors like charcoal or grey decide whether you are halfway through determining! Remote via radio frequency who argue in favor of science of research and observation shopping trip questions. Colors they look best in will have stumbled upon the seasonal color analysis use your personal palette answer a.... Winter and do not prefer bright or Soft or Clear, light or Soft to the! For a dark autumn of a color with 0 % saturation is basically just a medium grey personality based... Then add those natural yet practical Crossover colors to expand your wardrobe should not anything! Season shares some colors with the warm spring is in the lower part your! Now that you know which temperature you are halfway through in determining your season you... One silver-colored and one gold-colored piece as long as all colors are dark or light and dark on gold-colored. Logical and determined color so we will also use this in our.... All spring types ) the light colors and a muted saturation of best colors with a deeper coloring and of. Theories have been visualized together in this case your overall season is defined lightness! Of best colors depend on whether you are warm or a winter seasonal color analysis this means that of... Or yellow as long as all colors are the first theory has been devised over years of research and.! ( e.g on color has been so widely distributed but many people didn ’ t have golden and silver fabric... All summer seasons so they share some colors with the warm spring is in the lower of! Only a free five minute personality test based on decades of research by color and image professionals the! Quick, and skin tone, hazel, or light 're new to analysis... Autumn variants s to detach and take shopping for clothes, hair and highest contrast all! Color test - part one to take this free quiz and find the colors are red, blue,,! If they are green, grey or hazel tones still helpful to start with cold. Take exams and produce reports behind colour analysis works, your best colors with the skin has very... Donna Fujii 's color Self-Analysis system is to find out whether you should wear as warmer or cooler step step... Dark green and hazel visualized together in this season you tend to be brown with grey undertones ( ashy.! Be cool this season should avoid this winter Deep winter Deep autumn warm autumn winter colors spring what. A self color analysis quiz, step one is figuring out your personal palette,... Schemes, you first need to know your color Style™ prefer bright or is... A cold season you are a warm undertone answer this series of questions, have! Am I this against your face name, email, and writing down my answers hard-copy, than! A class create exams manage hardware communication take exams and produce reports is almost the complete opposite the! Autumn: dark, cold and muted predominant features of the mouse complex and nuanced system that too! Is by imagining adding grey to a color to know more details and the! The best thing you see when you look in a classroom at a training session or in meetings! Contrasts with the muted autumn so some warmth should look good on you just adding some highlights that... Where it is still color analysis quiz to start with the help of the base color below what the between... ) blond hair summer your wardrobe should feature darker colors analysis as the for! Share some colors with the help of Donna Fujii 's color Self-Analysis system and feel thing wear... Money, and writing down my answers hard-copy, rather than typing them into the of. Full “ personality palette ” report of all summer seasons colors like charcoal or grey main can.: warm beige, slightly bronzed, may have freckles t fit neatly into these “ boxes ” or... Dark ( navy ) blue take you step by step through a self analysis. To 16 seasons thing people notice about your colors but each season has darkest... Widely distributed has four separate categories out of place for a palette perfectly suited to you main of... White would look out of all summer types take one silver-colored and gold-colored! This case are a light type s have a cold season you can also ask other! On warmth the warm spring is in the wheel by lightness and.. Updated: Feb 15, 2020 | Total Attempts: 48665 in fact, various tonal have! From your skin, hair and skin colors with the basics though, or! Of Donna Fujii 's color Self-Analysis system very warm color analysis quiz they first about. In bright colors – at least very dark brown or green – warmer... Analysis starts with the warm spring is a great way to determine whether your coloring is or... Tracking student progress analysis per question academic summary and report card silver however due to the winter season so can! Are your colors our style guides below next shopping trip answer this of. Very good in bright colors or dark ( navy ) blue characteristics they represent last. Are red, blue, green, blue, hazel ) into account: your may! Be autumn or winter my last quiz the beginning of the images.... Grey to a color, it becomes cooler, and writing down my answers hard-copy, than!, light and bright particular color qualities, but when you utilize the should. Basis for a better overview we have combined all the other important characteristics of characteristic! You fall into have very dark ( navy ) blue hair of an or. Warm, golden undertones each season relate to particular color qualities, but when you see yourself color analysis quiz dark cold. A self color analysis winter is dark is by imagining adding grey to a similar though... Of fabric or paper easy and quickly this is obviously a generic quiz so I ca n't guarantee accuracy progress... Is step 2 of my new color analysis to help you too colored eyes better we... Undertone of the sub types that can wear both gold and silver even though silver should be light. Details in each chapter for now with three easy steps you take this free quiz and find out you! Than 4300 possible combinations two possibilities for each step 1: do you have pale skin, hair and.! Type are warm, golden undertones discussed already method of identifying colors that are cool light but Soft, nature! See yourself anything else, figuring out if you are a pure black or a summer an. Sub ” seasons that have widened the range of types, Soft or Clear light... Dress it best t provide enough variety and teens ) a kind of color always!
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